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Meet the brand new TriWave. Completely redesigned for 2014, each of the six sizes features a tuned-up shape that begins with an overall wider and more compact outline. You need planing power? We’ve got it with a decreased tail rocker and a V bottom shape. Combined with the flatter deck, we’ve created a more stable stance, while still improving the turning capabilities thanks to the shorter shape and a snappy tail outline. Super easy and user-friendly. This is the board for all-around Wave conditions.

The best part? Ride your TriWave as a Thruster and enjoy the full performance of a radical Waveboard, or turn it into a Single Fin, to give you maximum planing power and drive down the line. Versatility is the name of the game with the TriWave. Whatever the conditions, whatever your style – the TriWave will deliver pure fun.

Key Features
- 6 new shapes with a new outline, featuring slightly wider fishtails for better low-end performance and snappy turns
- V bottom shape with light, tuned double concaves for smooth flow, compensating for the wider tail and helping accelerate out of turns
- Proven rocker line with slightly less tail rocker – the perfect combination of performance and surfing capability
- Wider center with flatter deck for early planing and easy balance and stance
- Full and soft rails up the nose for balance and control – these rails never catch - sharp and crisp rails on the tail for projection and grip
- Side fins with slight tow for perfect water flow, maximizing grip and projection
- SlotBox sidefins with US Center Box offer maximum tuning abilities
- TriWaves perfectly fill the gap between FreeWaves and Quads

Fanatic Wave R&D Manager Klaas Voget about the new TriWave: “The 2014 TriWave is a completely new world in terms of planing power, turning abilities and its ease of use. Its element is pretty much any spot with a breaking wave. I’m looking forward to get these boards in my quiver for the 2014 Wave tour. They are so easy and so fun!”









Recommended Boardcover

TE 69

69 l

54.5 cm

226 cm

5,80 kg


MFC TF 2 × 11cm / 1 × 16 cm; Center US Box / 2 × SlotBox; Sailsize: 3.3 – 5.0 m²

XS: 235 cm ×
56.5 cm

TE 76

76 l

56 cm

227 cm

6,0 kg


MFC TF 2 × 11cm / 1 × 17 cm; Center US Box / 2 × SlotBox; Sailsize: 3.7 – 5.3 m²

XS: 235 cm ×
56.5 cm

TE 81

81 l

58 cm

228 cm

6,20 kg


MFC TF 2 × 11 cm / 1 × 18 cm; Center US Box / 2 × SlotBox; Sailsize: 4.0 – 5.8 m²

S: 240 cm ×
61 cm

TE 88

88 l

59.5 cm

229 cm

6,35 kg


MFC TF 2 × 12 cm / 1 × 18 cm; Center US Box / 2 × SlotBox; Sailsize: 4.2 – 6.2 m²

S: 240 cm ×
61 cm

TE 95

95 l

61.5 cm

231 cm

6,45 kg


MFC TF 2 × 12 cm / 1 × 19 cm; Center US Box / 2 × SlotBox; Sailsize: 4.5 – 6.5 m²

S/M: 245 cm ×
66.5 cm

TE 103

103 l

63.5 cm

232 cm

6,70 kg


MFC TF 2 × 12 cm / 1 × 20 cm; Center US Box / 2 × SlotBox; Sailsize: 4.7 – 6.7 m²

S/M: 245 cm ×
66.5 cm

*Weight tolerances of ± 6% (HRS ± 8%) possible.



Innegra Carbon will be used again on the 2014 Wave- and TE Freestyleboards. After seeing it work in our boards over the last year, we’re confident in saying that this material is lighter and more impact resistant than the Carbon Kevlar that it has now replaced on all TE boards. Combined with a double PVC/Wood Sandwich and Wood/Carbon heel reinforcements, it guarantees the most efficient construction in terms of weight and maximum impact resistance. The Waveboards benefit from Innegra Carbon sandwich layups. The Skate 85 and 93 Team Editions have a Single Sandwich deck of Innegra Carbon and a Carbon T-Stringer Glass bottom, the Skate TE 101 and 111 come with a Single Sandwich deck of Innegra Carbon and a full Carbon bottom. Each Team Edition model is produced with the Light Finish look, were the primary board color gets mixed into the laminating resin, for extra weight reduction.


TriWave 81 TE, surf Germany 11_12-13

“...The TriWave is a great board that offers the perfect mixture of radicalness and easy to ride comfort. Even in overpowered conditions or just small waves the board works great and provides enough control...”

Original Scan (8.3 MB)
TriWave 95 TE, Windsurf UK 330_10-13

“....To zip around the park, jump at speed, catch every wave going and turn into an overnight tail-sliding legend then buy the TriWave 95. Those looking for a slightliy more challenging board to use in coastal conditions but with all the benefits of a freestyle-wave rocker line and speed....”

Original Scan (593KB)
TriWave 81 TE, Wind FR 379_10_11-13

“…The TriWave is an excellent board for European waves. With its great performance and surfing ability it works especially in side/onshore conditions. Its compact shape allows to pick up speed easily and run well without any compromises....”

Original Scan (6.7 MB)
TriWave 95 TE, Boards UK Autumn/Winter 2013:

“...The TriWave really excels when it comes to proper frontside waveriding where the rider has the ability and inclination to really drive aggressively through tighter turns. This board would work best for an out and out wave head, who wants and needs a large sized wave board and is hunting out the best wave conditions ...”

Original Scan (1.9 MB)
TriWave 81 TE, Boards UK Autumn/Winter 2013

“...The decreased tail rocker means that this board is going to excel at getting up to speed in onshore conditions and in turn will help you to get the most out of any jumping conditions. On the other hand the short and compact outline will still allow you to get some vertical smack...”

Original Scan (937KB)
TriWave 81 TE, Windsurfing Yearbook Germany 2014

“...The TriWave is a complete Waveboard that convinces especially in European conditions. It’s perfect for wave beginners and windsurfers looking for a small bump-and-jump board. The board convinces with speed, great acceleration and excellent controllability...”

Original Scan (616KB)
TriWave 76 TE, Wind 381 Feb/Mar 2014

“...The new TriWave is excellent for European conditions. It offers great performance and is versatile enough to perform in all conditions. After an early planning you can feel the reactivity and playful character of the board without it losing its comfort ...”

Original Scan (12.2 MB)