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Explosive tricks. Double and triple rotations. Pop, sizzle, and style. Whether it’s in magazine test or on the PWA World Tour, the Skate Team Edition (TE) line has a history of winning. Year after year, the Fanatic Skate and Gollito Estredo – 5-times Freestyle World Champion – have proven the dominance of this winning combo. To guarantee Gollito’s quiver is never lacking, we’ve built 4 brand new shapes, including two models on the small side of the range.

For Big Moves format competition or simply trying tricks in your backyard spot, the Skate’s super-quick rocker with the early planing Power V bottom has you up to speed in a second, ready to explode instantly into the most radical move. The rounded nose offers easy transition from aerial manoeuvres into sliding tricks. The defined rail shape ensures pop, control and superior carving capabilities. For 2014, a new tail design with integrated arch support in the tail pad offers the ultimate in comfort and control and eliminates the double-rail shape in the tail. Innegra Carbon remains as a lighter, stiffer and more UV resistant laminate in the TE model’s 85, 93, 101, and 111-liter sizes.

For Freestyle newbies, those practicing classic and carving moves and even small wave use we’ve kept the test-winning 100 and 110 models which are slightly longer and forgiving for freestyle fun at any level. Available in economic Biax Glass Sandwich Light Technology only. Ride the Skate - ride the champion’s choice.
Key Features Skate TE:
- 4 new shapes in the line, developed by tried and tested concepts
- Shorter outlines characterise the reverse length concept – bigger boards are shorter than smaller models
- New tail deck design with integrated arch support in the tail pad for a better grip on moves and more comfort while riding
- Thinner rails between stance for better carving freestyle manoeuvres
- Full and soft rails in the nose for easy entry into sliding manoeuvres
- Power V bottom shape for perfect sliding

Key Features Skate BGS:
- 2 proven shapes, slightly longer for entry level Freestyle/Freeride
- Clean volume flow allows for better classic “carving” manouevers
- Best combination of Classic/New School freestyle features

Gollito Estredo (V-10), 5 times PWA Freestyle World Champion (2006, 2008, 2009, 2010 & 2012):
“If you’ve got an aggressive, competitive style, you need early-planing, low swing-weight shapes and smooth front-to-back flow to blend tricks from air through to sliding phases. The Skate’s rails do this perfectly – with amazing pads and deck shape to cushion the ride.”









Recommended Boardcover

TE 85

85 l

60 cm

229 cm

5,85 kg


Choco Fins Royal Flush 17.5 G10; Slot Box 13 cm; Sailsize: 3.7 – 5.9 m²

S: 240 cm ×
61 cm

TE 93

93 l

62 cm

228 cm

5,95 kg


Choco Fins Royal Flush 19 G10; Slot Box 13 cm; Sailsize: 4.2 – 6.4 m²

S/M: 245 cm ×
66.5 cm

TE 101

101 l

64 cm

228 cm

6,15 kg


Choco Fins Royal Flush 20 G10; Slot Box 13 cm; Sailsize: 4.5 – 7.0 m²

S/M: 245 cm ×
66.5 cm

TE 111

111 l

66.5 cm

227 cm

6,30 kg


Choco Fins Royal Flush 22 G10; Slot Box 13 cm; Sailsize: 5.0 – 7.5 m²

S/M: 245 cm ×
66.5 cm

BGS 100

100 l

63.5 cm

235 cm

6,30 kg


Choco Fins Royal Flush 21 G10; Power Box;
Sailsize: 4.5 – 7.0 m²

S/M: 245 cm ×
66.5 cm

BGS 110

110 l

66.5 cm

237 cm

6,65 kg


Choco Fins Royal Flush 23 G10; Power Box;
Sailsize: 5.0 – 7.5 m²

S/M: 245 cm ×
66.5 cm

*Weight tolerances of ± 6% (HRS ± 8%) possible.



A specific combination of top quality Biax Glass fabrics combined with PVC and wood layers on the deck and bottom provides optimised durability for the standard Skates and the Ray models. The light finish helps to reach an excellent weight-to-price ratio.


Innegra Carbon will be used again on the 2014 Wave- and TE Freestyleboards. After seeing it work in our boards over the last year, we’re confident in saying that this material is lighter and more impact resistant than the Carbon Kevlar that it has now replaced on all TE boards. Combined with a double PVC/Wood Sandwich and Wood/Carbon heel reinforcements, it guarantees the most efficient construction in terms of weight and maximum impact resistance. The Waveboards benefit from Innegra Carbon sandwich layups. The Skate 85 and 93 Team Editions have a Single Sandwich deck of Innegra Carbon and a Carbon T-Stringer Glass bottom, the Skate TE 101 and 111 come with a Single Sandwich deck of Innegra Carbon and a full Carbon bottom. Each Team Edition model is produced with the Light Finish look, were the primary board color gets mixed into the laminating resin, for extra weight reduction.


Skate TE 101, surf Germany 10-13

“...the Fanatic Skate offers the perfect mixture of radicalness and easy ride comfort...Thanks to outstanding pop you can push yourself to Gollito-like heights when jumping....”

Original Scan (852KB)
Skate TE 101, Windsurfing Yearbook Germany 2014 – FAVOURITE

“...As soon as our testers went out with the Skate TE, they all had a big fat grin on their faces. You rarely fly through the air as radically as with this board. Rad pop with great planing abilities but still fairly easy to control even for freestyle beginners. For pros this board is like a dream. To be recommended unrestrictedly...”

Original Scan (612KB)
Skate 100, Windsurfing Yearbook Germany 2014

“...For all freestylers that, besides Air Jibes and Spocks, like to do Duckjibes, radical Laydown Jibes or jump a little higher, the Fanatic Skate is the board. It combines Freestyle abilities with really great Freeride features ....”

Original Scan (5.6 MB)