To play in the ocean, we have to take care of it. That’s why every Fanatic board proudly displays the Fanatic Ocean Minded logo. It’s our promise to build our boards with a cleaner, greener environment in mind. In 2013, we became the first brand to use ecologically-friendly cork in our boards, and will continue to do so in 2014. While much of the board-building industry still relies on toxic, harmful processes to build boards, Fanatic does everything it can to offset our carbon footprint. We’re also using ethically-sourced and sustainable raw materials whenever possible – for both the health of the planet and its people. This never-ending mission to improve our processes and product will have us constantly tweaking and tuning our construction techniques, packaging materials, and distribution methods – all for a better Fanatic future.


Ozone-Free Foam Blanks
Blown without generating ozone and greenhouse gases and expanded using just steam for zero waste/dust product.

Audited Facilities for Healthier Workers
All of our audited production sites take particular care to extract all dust and gas particles through adequate vacuum and filtration systems.

Less Paint More Picturesque
By using optimized colour components and resin systems based on their solvent concentration we’ve managed to produce striking graphics that have minimized environmental consequences.

Package Smart
Streamlined transportation packaging without compromising protection demands less fuel to deliver and can be mostly recycled once again.

By choosing Fanatic you’re matching our commitment to make this planet a safer place to sail.